Running with a Reader

Before the holidays, a blog reader, Julie, wrote and said that she was also a local DC gal training for the Shamrock Marathon (her first!). She was hoping we could get together and run sometime. We agreed that after the new year, we’d both have more time to get together. So, a couple of weeks ago, we did just that! We met up for a shake out run (for me) and a long run (for Julie) and had a blast running around DC and getting to know each other.

I am always striving to be better about doing short runs after my long run and it was great to have company to do so. Julie’s pretty awesome and I’m so excited about her first marathon and I’m thrilled that so many folks I know are running Shamrock.

after a fun run!

after a fun run!

It was so fun to meet Julie — we definitely are planning to get together again and run. We live within a mile of each other and are on basically the same training schedule – couldn’t be more perfect!

Have you ever run with someone you met through a blog? 


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