Friday Five: Five Fitness Moments in my Week

Happy Friday! As you hopefully saw, this week Mar, Cynthia and I are linking up 5 fitness moments from our week! It’s a fun twist on our usual Friday Five and motivated me to make sure I did more than running this week — even though, mostly…that’s what I did! Be sure to link up your Friday Five post and check out a few new-to-you blogs!

fitness moment 1Brrrr that was a cold run – but definitely a run I was proud of! 16 miles for the week’s long run – this run was awesome because Mar and I were just really in sync. It was also a Personal Distance Record for her, which I found super inspiring! I may or may not have danced in the last mile :)

fitness moment 2

Not the first, nor the last time I’ve planked in my office clothes :)


Sorry for the blurry quality of the above and below pics, but you get the idea – I’ve spent way more time on the treadmill that I’d like this week due to the snow and icy conditions of the street. Oh and because I need a break from running in subfreezing temperatures.


 It’s been awhile since I’ve added real strength training work on to my routine post run. I did that twice this week – first with the kettlebell you see pictured above and next with the Nike Training Club App workout I did that is pictured below.

fitness five day 5

Speed work was done on the treadmill this week, as I couldn’t make it to the track. I wrote out the workout and placed it on the treadmill so I was constantly aware of what I was doing and that really helped. Still not my favorite piece of gym equipment, but it’s doable in a pinch. Then after running, I did a 15 minute long pilates workout curated by Gabby Douglas. It felt SO good to stretch out but by the time I finished this, I was tired! Early bedtime for the win :)

What were your five fitness moments this past week? Be sure to link up and share! 



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    Planking in work clothes?! Check you out! I have a feeling the TM is going to be in my future until our snow melts. I’m in Chesapeake Va and our roads are a wreck! Happy weekend!

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      I hear you about the roads – it’s been way too icy to run outside, but I’m looking forward to the weekend warmup :)

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      Good eye! Yes, they are adidas – they are a new shoe called the Supernova Glide 6. I LOVE them — what made me choose them was (in part) the special boost material that keeps the shoes wearable and runnable for about 500 miles (as opposed to roughly 350 in most running shoes). I was introduced to them when I went for a shoe fitting over Thanksgiving and they are fantastic!

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      Sometimes I’m able to get my coworkers to join me in an afternoon plank – that’s pretty fun!

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    i plank in the office every day as part of my plank a day resolution 😉 i’m learning to love the treadmill a little too much i think – beginning of january i dreaded it with all my might, now i’m dreading hills outside again! i think once the weather warms up i’ll be so happy to be outside though. i just cannot stand the cold :( good for you for getting out there for 16 MILES in the snow!
    nevie recently posted…A week of running whatever I feel like running.My Profile

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    I did a little kettle ball workout on wednesday and now my arms are really sore, which is good because I know it really worked!! I am going to have to check out some other ones to do now (: Happy Friday!
    Brittany Fry recently posted…FiveMy Profile

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    sorry I’m a little behind in my blog reading. I love this 5 fitness moments link-up series!! This may motivate me to join in on the link-up for this coming Friday! I will try! I just did one circuit from another fitness app this past weekend and was the first time doing an at-home workout. I loved it! I will have to check out the Nike Training app, it looks cool! You have real dedication for planking at work! Great job!
    Lindsey @ OneMotherofaDay recently posted…Paleo Round-up: Super Bowl snacks + a house divided!My Profile

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